Property Investment made simple

Property investment made simple:

iFP works with a range of clients. Some are just starting out in property investment and others already manage an existing property portfolio.

iFP provides its clients with guidance and reassurance through every phase of the property investment process. The experienced iFP team works in partnership with our qualified independent financial specialists to facilitate decision making via empowerment and education and offer a complete property investment solution:

  • A comprehensive overview of a client’s current position
  • A strategy to determine the level of investment required to meet goals
  • Property selection research, education and assistance.
  • Overseeing of the purchase of the completed homes
  • Full inclusions on all properties, including landscaping, blinds and appliances (turnkey handover)
  • Supervision of rental property management
  • Sourcing and preparation of landlord and property insurance, tenants, taxation agreements and depreciation schedules

Building your property portfolio has never been easier!!

iFind Properties investors want what we want… a property investment with sound capital growth potential and no issues, with the right information and a planned approach, we believe anyone can be a successful property investor and live the lifestyle they deserve.

Our simple but effective property investment process puts our investors in the ‘driver’s seat’ all from the comfort of their own home.

iFP and its alliance partners work closely with clients to:

  • Understand financial and retirement goals
  • Empower with financial information and choices
  • Present property selections based on established goals
  • Provide all the services and information required for property settlement
  • Assist with property management and ongoing support throughout the life of the investment.


✔️A start to finish property investment support network

✔️Property investment strategies

✔️Extensive property research in high growth areas

✔️Access to some of Australia’s best builders and developers

✔️Capital growth opportunities Maximised tax benefits High yield returns

✔️Ongoing property management support

✔️Access to a trusted team of iFP’s strategic partners